How can I change the email on my account?

You have the ability to change either the User ID on your account, the email address linked with your account (for notification purposes), or both.

Your User ID is the email address you use to log into your Mint Bills account. This can be changed to any email address that is not already associated with either Mint Bills or another Intuit product. 

If you are unable to change the User ID on your account because it already exists in the system, you can choose to change the email address associated with your account for notification purposes. Changing the email address will mean that you will still log into your Mint bills account using your original email address, but any email notifications will be sent to your updated email address. 

To change your user ID or email address, click on the Settings button in the top black menu bar and edit either the user Id or email address under the Account Info section.

If you have further questions, please click here to contact our Customer Care Team.